Film Camp - Banglore

“FilmCamp”, a platform to encourage and promote independent film makers. Also to share, learn and appreciate the art of film making. This event is the first of its kind this season happening at the Center for Management Studies, Jain Group of Institutions, Bangalore, where independent film makers get to showcase their works to a wider audience which includes other film-makers, professionals and critics from the film industry.

I am looking forward to this event tomorrow.
Details are here.
All are Welcome.

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Hello Bloggers from Bombay !!!

1. As the invite says, we need for you to confirm your attendance to us via email.

2. You can come if you’re a veteran blogger / a new blogger / a blog reader / a blog commentator / a blog stalker (though we will kill you) or just a friend of a blogger (though I know most of us have few of these).

3. Entrance is @ Rs. 150/- per head and covers the entrées and NOT booze.

and last and most importantly…..


Believe me, this is going to be one heck of a meet you don’t wanna miss.

I am looking forward to this meet,it will be my first such meet.I read this invite here , here and here

All are invited.

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Happy Holi to all from india.

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STRINGS has been invited to PATNA FILM FESTIVAL.
For the first time my home state will view my film. I wish Allahabad High Court dismisses the P.I.L lodged by the sadhu's of Allahabad on the poem 'MANTRA' by Baba Nagarjun, and I am able to release the film through out the country.

Hope the holy dip in the river Ganga in Allahabad-kumbh recently has strengthened the Sadhu's spritual quests to review the understanding of the poem .

the journey continues...

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happy new year

happy new year to all blogger friends

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celebrating BLOGYWOOD

Bollybloggers from four different countries [GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, and USA]will take part in this event and post their reviews on my film at the same time tonight on their own respective blogsites.
This is first such event on any bollywood film, I am honoured that its happening with my debut film 'PRAAN JAYE PAR SHAAN NA JAYE'.

These 'bollybloggers' are my favourites and very popular among bolly-bloggers [blogywood] and are often found in favourite links of bollywood-lover blogs.
I have been reading their reviews and enjoying very human and interesting approach in understanding of bollywood-films.

They are ,Beth Watkins from USA popularly known as ''beth loves bollywood'', oliver from Germany ,Babasko from Austria popularly known as ''baba aur bollywood'' , kaddele from Germany , filmiholic from USA , maria from Germany, marco from Switzerland, mirie from Germany , Bridget from USA popularly known as ''totally basmatic'' and michael from Germany.

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avant garde blogging in Bollywood

bloggers meet director is avant garde in bollywood blogging.

"PRAAN JAYE PAR SHAAN NA JAYE" is going to be a part of such a wonderful idea for the first time in indian blogging,and this idea is initiated by avid bollyblogger michael .

blog profile is also added and introduced in bollywood blogs network .


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bollywood jindabaad

my blog "jhaji's BLOGYWOOD" is dedicated to all those who writes for bollywood in blogosphere!!!

let me know about more blogs on bollywood,i would link them here.

will be more than happy to know if '' jhaji's BLOGYWOOD " is of any help to anybody who wants to know about BOLLYWOOD .

bollywood jindabaad.
jhaji .

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